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Scaling up to commercial scale in a quick response time

Scaling up from lab to commercial scale

The scale-up technology acquired through our broad experience of always producing 500 types of products or more enables us to scale up a lab test using only a small amount directly to commercial scale. This results in a short time delivery.

Morphologies and polymorphism control in crystallization

  • Our database of abundant knowledge acquired through deliberation/experience of organic compounds crystallization enables efficient search of optimal conditions.
  • Our experience in crystal polymorphism control enables us to create crystals according to the need.
  • We have technologies and a specialized team to realize scaling up a lab test to commercial scale production in a quick response time.

[photo]Morphologies and polymorphism Control in Crystallization

Heat balance simulation of production scale and condition

  • The quantity of heat emitted is measured by using a reaction calorimeter in lab scale.
  • Simulations are performed based on data of reactor to be used for production, etc.
  • Based on the result of simulation, production conditions (inside/outside temperatures and operation time) are adjusted to perform scaling up.

[photo]Heat Balance simulation of production scale and condition 01

[photo]Heat Balance simulation of production scale and condition 02

Strict and appropriate quality assurance

Analysis technology

[photo]Analysis Technology

Our quality control capability, developed through long-time experience in photographic organic chemicals, is highly evaluated in the fine chemical field, contributing also to quality control in the pharmaceutical field. Especially, we possess excellent technologies and structures for microanalysis and molecular structure analysis.

Devices list

FT-NMR (400MHz) FT-IR Atomic absorption spectrometer
Mass spectrometer (GC-MS, LC-MS, IC-MS) Thermometric analyzer Fluorescence X-ray analyzer
Spectrophotometer (UV, VIS, NIR, FL) HPLC, GC, GPC, IC Particle size distribution analyzer
ICP atomic emission spectrometer Automatic moisture meter Medium-pressure portioning system
Powder X-ray diffractometer

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