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Research and Development


Research and development divisions

Organic Synthesis Research Laboratories

  1. We have history of achievement and experience in contract manufacturing of organic compounds for information processing, pharmaceutical intermediates/substances, etc.
  2. We aggressively propose more efficient synthesis processes and manufacturing processes to pursue efficient development and cost minimization.
  • Design of synthetic route with fewer steps, using low-cost materials
  • Design of routes with synthesis processes whose safety is assured
  • Design of environmentally friendly synthesis route
  1. We have enriched technologies especially for microanalysis and molecular structure analysis.
  • Microanalysis by HPLC and GC, structure analysis and chemical composition analysis by NMR, MS, fluorescent X-ray, and other analytical instruments
  • Presumption of generative mechanism of impure substances to determine restrictions
  1. We conduct production under regulated conditions at plants furnished with cutting-edge control systems.
  2. We provide products through quality assurance based on ISO and GMP systems.
  3. We provide products through the supply system suitable for each customer’s need flexibly.
  4. We emphasize human resources development and always challenge new technologies.

[Photo]Organic Synthesis Research Laboratories 01

[Photo]Organic Synthesis Research Laboratories 02

Production Engineering & Development Department

[Photo]Production Engineering & Development Department 01

[Photo]Production Engineering & Development Department 02

  1. In contract manufacturing, we have history of achievement in the design of production-suitable formulas.
  2. In order to meet customers’ requests regarding costs, we have found many technologies in processes for efficient use of the existing facilities/plants, achieving many satisfactory results.
  3. In contract manufacturing requiring development, we integrate synthesis technologies, process engineering technologies (reaction, crystallization, filtration, drying, dispersion) and plant engineering technologies (facility design/construction, maintenance) to pursue proposals for minimized costs in a short time, together with customers.
  4. In the process engineering technology field, we proceed from the lab test scale directly to the commercial scale in a short time to meet customers' requests for delivery time, cost and quality. At the same time, we pursue environmentally/safety friendly design.
  5. In the plant engineering technology field, we take full advantage of advanced technologies and engineering such as 3D-CAD in an integrated system of formula, process and facility. We always pursue the very latest technologies.

Specialty reaction examples

Synthesis technologies

Our technologies include not only general reactions such as halogenation, alkylation, sulfonation, chlorosulfonation, nitration, formylation, etherification and amidation, but also the following reactions ranging from those of laboratory scale to commercial scale.

Specialty technologies

  1. Reduction reaction (catalytic hydrogenation, sodium borohydride/hydrazine/formate/metal/borane reduction, etc.)
  2. Oxidation reaction (oxidation using hydrogen peroxide and sodium hypochlorite)
  3. Grignard reaction, Suzuki Coupling, Wittig (Horner-Emmons) reaction, Friedel-Crafts reaction, Ullmann reaction
  4. Polymer synthesis (radical polymerization, polycondensation, etc.)
  5. Synthesis of bipyridine derivatives, etc.

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