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Contract Manufacturing


[Photo]With our accumulated experience and technologies in production of various organic chemicals, we offer consistent services from formulation/development to production.

Our contract manufacturing covers a wide field of compounds from those for information processing purposes to pharmaceuticals.

Through our experience in production of various organic synthesis chemicals, we have acquired many different technologies such as scaling up a lab test using only a small amount directly to a commercial scale.

We offer chemical products widely ranging from information processing compounds to active pharmaceutical ingredients.

We conduct a wide range of jobs from synthesis process research to commercial production of custom-made organic compounds to support efficient development and cost minimization.

We have production bases in Hiratsuka and Odawara, Kanagawa Prefecture, Hirono, Fukushima Prefecture and Wuxi, China (subsidiary) enabling us to perform a wide range of syntheses at reasonable costs.

Based on precise synthesis technology for organic chemicals acquired through synthesis of photographic organic chemicals, we can offer contract manufacturing of active pharmaceutical ingredients/intermediates.



Group Synergy

Related Information

Operating company that leads the Fujifilm Group's imaging and information solutions.

Drug discovery company that leads Fujifilm Group's pharmaceutical products field.

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