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Message from the President


[Photo] President

FUJIFILM Fine chemicals Co. Ltd. is one of the core companies that manufacture fine chemical materials in the FUJIFILM Group. We manufacture and supply the highly functional organic compounds required by a large range of businesses within the group.

Since our foundation we have possessed synthetic and mass production technologies for highly functional organic compounds, and we have fostered our expertise within the field of highly functional materials, especially for photosensitive applications. We also possess synthetic technologies and plants with GMP quality systems for pharmaceutical materials, a business we have been in for more than 20 years. Our advanced manufacturing technologies and processes enable us to consistently deliver high quality fine chemicals at reasonable prices within the short timeframes required by our customers within the FUJIFILM Group as well as a growing number of customers outside the group.

Fine chemicals are materials expressing various kinds of functions. They are the building blocks for the manufacture of a large number of products which are in general use today. Moreover, the importance of fine chemicals is increasing as we move into the future. As a responsible manufacturer of safe and compliant fine chemicals, environmental concerns are of paramount importance. Environment protection is one of our core corporate values and it will continue to be a top priority. We will continuously strive to further develop our capabilities in organic synthesis technologies to meet the expectations of our valued customers.

President and Chief Executive Officer
Masatoshi Kato

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